PART ONE - Web Warrior in ...

"Hacking the Web"


At the top of an exclusive apartment block in Central City, a spandex clad figure enters a private suite his own unique way, from the outside via the window. It's the Web Warrior! He slowly climbs through and starts to look around the enclosed balcony.


He had not broken in uninvited, he was given the location by the superhero agency known as T.H.R.O.B and allowed to live in luxury that the apartment offers until further notice. The Web Warrior could not believe his luck, from his downtown one bedroom studio, this place was a palace.


The wall crawling superhero had an eventful past few months. The guys at T.H.R.O.B had kited him out with a new spider suit after the old spandex version was torn to shreds in battle. This new suit had spandex nano technology which allowed the superhero to move around as though he was completely naked, the nano technology fitting his suit skin tight to every muscle and stretching to every movement.


The Web Warrior stepped into the large lounge area and became used to his new living quarters. But deep in the bowels of the apartment block basement, a devious supervillain was busy at work. It was the demon doll headed Bertie. The villain was poised ready to put his plan into action. With a few clicks on his keyboard, he pressed enter, giggled and awaited his next move.


As Web Warrior began to relax in his new apartment, he reached around his back for his spider-mobile as it began beeping. He read the new message on the screen. 'Welcome to BTV free wifi, please click and accept the terms and take advantage your exclusive free wifi offer!' - Web Warrior exclaimed, "WOW cool!" and clicked to accepted. In the basement Bertie received notification of the Wifi acceptance. "Perfect, now I have the stupid superhero logged onto my own Wifi signal, I can now put the main part of my plan into action!"


Back in the apartment Web Warrior slumped down on the sofa and began to relax. He laughed as he took a spider-selfie in his new surrounding. He used the wifi to logo onto his instagram and post his new selfie in his new pad. The wifi activity alerted Bertie, who began to monitor his feed and sent a certain link.


The spandex superhero's phone buzzed with a new notification. 'CLICK HERE to watch Supersonic and Bat Boi in private' this was too tempting for Webby to resist. The link opened a internet video showing the two superheroes getting hot and steamy together. The watching superhero immediately felt guilty but continued to watch as he automatically began to stroke his bulge "WOW" he gasped as he watched two fellow superheroes get intimate.


"This video is hot, must have been taken from security CCTV, making my tights hard, damn!" thought the Spider hero , but as he was alone so enjoyed it, soon enough his tights were outlining his excited dick.


But as the hero continued to watch the steamy internet video, Bertie continued to hatch plan "Now I have the signal of the superhero I can start to hack into his phone. There I will be able to find the encrypted signal to his new nanobite suit and download the technology to use for myself!" giggled the devious villain.